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An Agrihood Community

The Farm is at the heart of Carter Farm Agrihood. A 4.5 acre parcel of land has been preserved for agricultural use and retention of the site’s heritage. A working farm will be managed and stewarded by an experienced farmer who will use regenerative farming methods to improve the health of adjacent ecosystems and the farm soil. Residents will become an integral part of the farm’s program and success through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships and HOA oversight.

Produce for the People

A central principle of the agrihood model is bringing people and food sources together. Crops will be consumed by residents and supply local food businesses along with providing the broader community with direct access to products through the farm stand.

Future Farmer Training

Carter Farm aspires to work with local schools and organizations to provide opportunities for training and events. This will be pursued to advance the agricultural heritage of Eastern Shore region and draw attention to farming as a vocation. If you have an interest in working with us to achieve these goals please go to our CONTACT page.

Value-add Food Products

Healthy living is a central theme of Carter Farm Agrihood. This extends further to the small-scale commercial aspects of Agrihood where the developers will recruit businesses that are wellness, food and community oriented. A farm to table restaurant will also be targeted for the site in response to resident interests and growing market demand. Such an enterprise may be more likely to locate where they have direct input into the products grown and the benefit of an adjacency to food fresh from the field.

child holding locally-grown strawberries
picking locally-grown farm spinach
locally grown maryland agrihood potatoes

Learn More About Agrihoods

An “agrihood” is an organized community that integrates agriculture into a residential neighborhood. The purpose of these communities is to facilitate food production while at the same time providing connectedness, recreation and a higher quality of life for members of the community. (Wikipedia)

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has done extensive research on Agrihoods and how the presence of these developments in town plans can make communities more diverse, vibrant, and enjoyable to live in. To learn more go to RESOURCES and click on the VIDEO below for example projects.

Agrihoods: Cultivating Best Practices, published in 2018 by Urban Land Institute.

Get More Information

Want to learn more about the Farm at Carter Farm Agrihood? Click on the Contact button below to share your interests and we will be back in touch with you to learn more.

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