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Small town living brings with it a Sense of Community where people come together around the table, at fun events and in public forums. Carter Farm is a new neighborhood with all the benefits that come with being part of a small town along with a shared stewardship of the broader Centreville community and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Carter Farm Agrihood is committed to being a good neighbor and expanding on the existing town amenities. 

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Carter Farm Agrihood is an open neighborhood. A new public street will loop through the neighborhood to the existing Chesterfield Avenue. The street will be built by the developer and dedicated to the Town along with a separated, 8-foot-wide paved trail for safe, two-way passage of pedestrians and cyclists. Each parcel area on the site will also include streets designed with pedestrian safety in mind creating “living streets” where neighbors come together.

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The Eastern Shore hosts a very fragile ecosystem that will be enhanced by Carter Farm Agrihood’s approach to low-impact development. Carter Farm Agrihood is applying best practices in storm water management at all levels to maximize absorption rainwater on the site. Vegetated swales, rain gardens, permeable paving, reduced paving through clustered parking and walkable street widths are just a few strategies being implemented. All low-impact strategies equate to a healthy ecosystem that will be further supported by removal of invasive species in the 12.5-acre buffer area along with reforestation of 1.56-acres in the expanded buffer area. A three-quarter mile, 5-foot-wide nature trail will also be constructed by the developer through the buffer area along with two overlooks for public access and quiet enjoyment (pending public approvals). Once restored and improved, the developer will dedicate the buffer area, nature trail and overlooks to the Town for inclusion in Centreville’s Greenbelt system.

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Growing fresh produce is a key element of the Carter Farm Agrihood. The 4.5 area preserved for a working farm will provide a central open space that produces a bounty of benefits. The Eastern Shore climate is conducive to a long growing season with multiple crop options that will supply a farm market stand open to the public along with local businesses and residents through community supported agriculture memberships. Carter Farm may also serve as a prime location for future farmer training and public education events that showcase the farming heritage of the Eastern Shore. To learn more go to the FARM page.

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The once common concept of walking down the street to pick up a loaf of bread at the corner store is being reintroduced at Carter Farm Agrihood. Neighborhood-scaled shops are proposed along Chesterfield Avenue and integrated into the farm area to provide a place for specialty services and products that support the theme of food and wellness. The neighborhood shops at Carter Farm Agrihood will complement Centreville’s Main Street, just one-half mile up the street, that already caters to both daytime workers and area residents who frequent the local-owned ice cream, sandwich, and seafood shops and restaurants along many other neighborhood service businesses.

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