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A Sense of Place

Carter Farm Agrihood is a new, farm-centric neighborhood being created within the historic, Town of Centerville, located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland just 30 miles east of Annapolis. It is a sustainable development that reveres the environment, improves quality of life, and strengthens the greater community surrounding it.

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Project Vision

The 46-acre site is being designed and developed to create a new model for future development through its low-impact, conservation, and community-oriented development approach that also reflects the region’s heritage. The natural assets of the Corsica watershed will be nurtured and restored to support the health and expansion of wildlife habitats through removal of invasive species and planting in the buffer and the expanded buffer zones with vegetation native to the Eastern Shore. Social interaction and community-building will be fostered through pedestrian-oriented development patterns and creation of a central farm that encourages new and existing neighborhood cohesion. All will be welcomed for the enjoyment of local food products generated from the neighborhood farm and recreational offerings of the trail network and open spaces.

Site Context & Plan

The Carter Farm site is situated within the Town of Centreville with access to public services and amenities within less than a mile walking distance. Major populations centers, airports and rail services of Annapolis, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia are all within 1 to 1/2 hours away by car. The surrounding natural environment of the adjacent Yellow Bank Stream and Corsica River that flow into the Chesapeake Bay make this site extremely unique and environmentally sensitive. Thus, the deep level of sustainable development experience of the developers and the fis of high value for ensuring that all meto ensuring

The site plan includes five distinct parcel areas that are designed to protect the perimeter buffer area, connect to the existing street networks and create the 4.5-acre working farm as a focal point. Parcel 1 A (lower left) includes 8 single family homes sites with shared drives and common area. Parcel 1B (in the upper left) includes 25 single family lots and has been designed as an intentional community with a common house, clustered parking and common areas. Parcel 2 (upper center) includes 42 single family and townhome lots with clustered parking and shared common areas. Parcel 3 (lower right) includes subareas that include 10 single family home lots, 22 single family and townhome lots and a multifamily building with 16 for sale units with common open space areas. Parcel 4-1 along Chesterfield is designed as a live-work studio space and Parcel 4-2 includes neighborhood scale commercial space with 2 second floor residential units. To learn more go to LIVE or download the site plan below.

carter farm agrihood site plan
Carter Farm Agrihood Preliminary Site Plan (March 10, 2022) currently under review by the Town of Centreville, MD

The plan also includes the construction of new public street and separated multi-modal trail that will connect to the Town’s existing and planned Greenbelt system. The 12-acre buffer area will also be restored through remediation of invasive species and creation of a low-impact, public hiking trail along the perimeter with overlooks and water trail access. These features will also be dedicated to the Town. To learn more, follow the link below.

Artist rendering of the Phase 1B cottage homes and walkways.

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