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Live Closer to Nature

The Carter Farm site plan provides for an open space area of 19.4 acres—more than double the required amount for communities of this kind. Within the development will be overlooks at two public viewing areas, a 0.72-mile nature walk through the site’s 12.5-acre buffer zone along the Corsica River, and pollinator gardens along Chesterfield Avenue. The use of the trail will be open to all members of the wider community.

Community Benefits

  • Chesterfield Trail, Corsica Trail and Overlooks provide a public amenity and combined exceed previous 2014 development commitments for public access and connection to Town trail systems.
  • Farm: preservation of approximately 4.5-acres of land for crop production will provide the broader community with direct access to local food, improve the soil conditions and support habitats.
  • Open Space: a total of 19.94-acres is provided on the Carter Farm site that is more than double what is required and ensures a low-impact approach to development.
  • Conservation: wildlife habitat area is being expanded through the preservation and regeneration of farmland, reforestation of the buffer area and afforestation with new tree canopy in the 1.56-acre expanded buffer zone.
  • Low Impact Development: in addition to low-impact site development measures, the homes will be designed to meet DOE Zero Energy Ready home as well as EPA “Water Sense requirements”. This will reduce both community wide energy consumption and will minimize the impact on the Town water treatment system.
  • History & Culture: the site and the Carter Farmhouse, its trees and views are all part of Centreville’s cultural and historic past that will be respected and integrated into the overall plan.
  • Tax Revenue: annual Town property and income taxes at full buildout are estimated to be $311,000.
  • Town Water & Sewer Capacity Fees: more than $2 million will be paid in fees for the residential and commercial areas.
  • Economic Benefit: Construction of the project plus ongoing spending of 128 new households living in the core area of Town will generate added economic value.
  • Farm & Commercial Area: provision of new wellness and food- oriented products and services will serve existing residents and attract outside markets and interest in Centreville.
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Learn More About Agrihoods

An “agrihood” is an organized community that integrates agriculture into a residential neighborhood. You can read all about the features and benefits of agrihoods here!

Carter Farm Centreville Agrihood Developers

Site Developers & Project Team

Carter Farm will serve as a national model for food-centric sustainable development and led by a team with decades of experience. Learn more about the developers here!

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